Michael Martin Productions presents

Sugar Mountain


February 26


Michael Martin Productions presents

Lightbox Productions-Sugar Mountain

Sugar Mountain is an authentic exploration of the biggest adventure of our lives.!

Set around a remote fly-in glacier camp near the Artic Circle, the film is about a team of city folk who quest to climb and ride the mythical Sugar Mountain in Alaska. 

Showcasing world-first drone technology, the film is both cinematically beautiful, and topical in its comparison of the progress of Silicon Valley, with the vastness of the Alaskan wilderness.

This is a movie not just about skiing, but about real people, taking on an aspirational mission, with authenticity, and warmth.

The production is intentionally documentary in style, lending to deeper characterization, and tension that translates to a wider non-skiing audience. This is the strength of award-winning director Richard James.​


Shades of Winter-Pure

PURE is the second “Shades of Winter” movie of Austrian freeskier and filmmaker Sandra Lahnsteiner. Sharing her plattform of “Shades of Winter” with female athletes from all over the world you can again expect high performance skiing at its best. Together with director Mario Feil and DOP Mathias Bergmann they stepped it up in every aspect of movie making. PURE will leave its footprints and get you pumped to get out in the mountains. 


Doors/Bar 6:30pm

Films at 7:00 pm 


Tickets $10 






Also available at ALL THAT (601 Lincoln Ave)