Super Fun Steamboat Show

April 14

Doors/Bar 7:30
Show 8:00

The Super Fun Shows will be Super Free All Year!!!

After Todd Danielson's health fiasco (I can write that because it's me ...), we learned that one of the show's core performers, Carolyn Berns, needs her 17th major surgery. I'll put a note below. So we're going to have another free benefit show on April 14, with free tickets and optional donations going to Carolyn to help out. There's nothing easy about major health problems, so we're going to help out where we can.

NOTE ABOUT CAROLYN: "Carolyn has undergone 16 major surgeries to deal with a debilitating joint disease, Ehlers-Danlos. She is about to undergo number 17. A full hip replacement at age 31. This is not the worst she has been through, but it certainly isn't and hasn't been easy. She appreciates all the love and support from her Super Fun and Steamboat Family! Carolyn can't wait until she will be able to perform and share her love for the arts again."


So ...
ALL FREE SUPER FUN SHOWS FOR 2017!!! We'll let you know what the upcoming causes (after Carolyn) will be. I really hope our cast can stay healthy for a while and not go through these terrible situations, and we can just donate to "other people" like major charities and such.
So stay tuned, come see the free show April 14, donate what you can to help Carolyn out, and enjoy what will be a really fun and funny night. More show details to come soon, but I have one word for you: Smoothie ...

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