Live Western Melodrama ~ The Secret of Yonder Mountain

Thursdays in July an August

Doors/Bar open at 6:30

Show starts at 7:00

Boo the Villain...Cheer the Hero and sing along with live piano music in this Audience Participation family friendly show!!!

The Chief Players in “The Secret of Yonder Mountain”, a Gold Rush-era melodrama set in a raucous saloon and the harsh environment of the Zirkel Wilderness. Join Persephone Proudheart as she pines for her brave but vacant hero, Cyril Twigbucket, who has struck the Mother Lode but can’t quite remember its location. Boo the villain, Rhinestone Fred, and his sultry partner, Goldust Gertie, who will stop at nothing, NO NOTHING!, to pry the secret from Cyril’s nebulous brain. Meanwhile, saloon keeper, Clark Clark, serves “likker by the glass” while courting The Widow Proudheart, who would rather perish in the night than enter such an establishment. All gather in a hilarious web of intrigue, full of surprises. This is an audience-participation show, so be prepared to join right in with the high jinx.


“The Secret of Yonder Mountain” features an all-new cast under the capable guidance of Director, Tori Nickels. Join the cast as they search for gold in the Zirkel Wilderness and in the Mine of Bad Jokes and Outrageous Dialog. 

Tickets $15 Adults and $10 for students