Cabaret Auditions 2019

March 3

5:00 pm


It's that time of year again, the one we've been waiting for since May 10th, 2018. It's AUDITION TIME for this year's Cabaret!! 

This years theme is "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat", a line from the classic movie Jaws, The idea behind this theme is the ever increasing need for growth and modernization in Steamboat Springs, from affordable housing, to better retail outlets (like a Target or a West Side grocery store) to the removal of an old and dangerous "playground structure" because it's considered by some as "Iconic". These needs, and the constant resistance they face from our City Council and our long time residents (yes, I know that's some of you) coupled with the outrageous cost to do anything here (like have a wedding), give us an excellent opportunity to write funny skits and songs to make fun of the situation. 

However, your creativity is not limited to this theme!!! PLEASE, if you have ANY ideas for skits and songs, even if they don't relate to a Bigger Boat, BRING THEM WITH YOU to auditions on March 3rd. We do ask that you bring SCRIPTED MATERIAL!! Bring a script with a rough sketch of your idea, not just an idea in your head hoping a 3 minute rambling filled with "Umms" and "Ya Knows" will constitute a proper audition. 

If you don't have skit or song ideas, NO WORRIES!! Only a handful of the skits brought to us are selected. But we always need people!! So please come, regardless of your stage or writing experience. 

What we want from you - just yourself. But be on time! Please arrive at or a bit before 5PM. Once you have auditioned, you are free to go, but please don't stroll in at 6:07 hoping to still be called up. It may happen, but no promises. 

If you would like to audition, and the rehearsal times and show times work with your schedule, but you can not make the audition date/time work, PLEASE email me separately @