Free Foreign Film: 1944

July 26

Doors 6:30 pm

Film7:00 pm

The library's free foreign film series presents director Elmo Nüganen's Oscar-nominate drama from Estonia, screening at the Chief Theater.

Estonia's official Oscar submission and a mega-hit on home turf, 1944 centers on the bloodiest battle on World War II's Eastern Front. Estonian soldiers find themselves torn between two mighty powers with some heading towards the Red Army and others finding themselves pledging allegiance to the Waffen SS. Each has their own reasons for choosing their sides they do some believe in a better future for their beloved Estonia, others are simply trying to survive a war. But the stage is set for a conflict in which countryman battling countryman and brother fighting brother becomes a painful inevitability. 1944 is a thrilling and emotional war story that shows the hopes, aims and drama of the Estonian men caught between two forces as objectively as possible.

In German & Polish with English subtitles
Run time: 100 min.
The free screening includes an award-wining short & a cash bar.