Free Foreign Film: If You Don't, I Will


The library's free foreign film series continues with a romance from France directed by Sophie Fillières, screening at the Chief Theater.



6:30pm - Doors & Bar

7pm - Films


"Genuinely funny, [with] terrific comic timing," says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Exquisitely played! Entirely pleasurable to watch,” says Variety.


Pomme and Pierre have been together a long time. Passion and spontaneity have given way to predictability and cold shoulders. But there's a lingering optimism, a hope they can return to the couple they used to be, attending chic art openings and sharing a laugh like young lovers. On a hike together one afternoon, Pomme declares her independence by deciding to stay in the woods rather than return to an underwhelming life with Pierre. Pierre tries to get back to normal, despite his worry over her whereabouts and the indelible sense that he's missing his better half. Meanwhile, Pomme begins an extended meditation in the forest on where her own life should go next, with or without Pierre. In the end, both are left to contemplate the strength and meaning of each other's commitment.


A French film screening bonus! Steamboat's French Club will gather before the film at 6 p.m. in the Chief Theater's Black Box Lounge for conversational French, French wine specials and potluck appetizers. All French speakers welcome.