The Songwriter Series presents

Peter Yarrow

of Peter, Paul, and Mary

January 26, 27

Doors/Bar 6:00
Show 7:00


Show Only: $50

Show with Meet and Greet with Peter Yarrow $75



Peter Yarrow’s talents as a creative artist, both with the legendary trio Peter, Paul & Mary and as a solo performer, are frequently directed at using music to convey a message of humanity and caring. His gift for songwriting has produced some of the most moving songs from Peter, Paul & Mary, including “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” “Day is Done”, “Light One Candle” and “The Great Mandala.” As a member of the renowned musical trio, Peter Yarrow has recorded 7 Top Ten Singles, 7 Gold Records, 2 Double Platinums and 9 Top 20 Albums. Peter, Paul and Mary received 16 Grammy Award Nominations and have won 5 Grammy Awards.

Over the years, many issues have moved Peter to commit his time and talent: equal rights, peace, the environment, gender equality, homelessness, hospice care and education. All have utilized his skills as both a performer and an organizer. Along with his singing partners, Paul and Mary, Peter participated in the Civil Rights Movement, which brought them to Washington in 1963 to sing for the historic march led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as the equally historic Selma-Montgomery march in 1965. He went on to produce and coordinate numerous events for the Peace/Anti-Vietnam War movement,including festivals at Madison Square Garden and Shea Stadium. These efforts culminated in his co-organizing the 1969 Celebration of Life, a now-famous march on Washington, in which a half-million people participated.

Peter Yarrow’s continuing life and work includes the founding and leadership of Operation Respect with its “Don’t Laugh At Me” initiative which is based on his passionate belief that music, with its power to build community and catalyze change, can be a particularly powerful organizing tool.