Steamboat Launch

August 23


Four Points Funding is teaming up with a number of dedicated community members to organize the second edition of Steamboat Launch, an ongoing series of opportunities for businesses to pitch to accredited investors. Steamboat Launch will provide a formal channel for connecting our community of passionate entrepreneurs to the capital and mentorship they need to maximize their success. So, please show your support for rural Colorado and Steamboat’s economic development by joining us Thursday, August 23, at 1:30 PM, in the Chief Theater in Steamboat Springs. 

Attendees will have the chance to hear presentations from a few companies with ties to Steamboat or the Western Slope in various stages of development. 

The pitch session will be followed by drinks and networking at Cugino's.


  • 1:00 Doors Open

  • 1:30 Intro

  • 1:45 Pitches Start

  • 3:00 Presentation Complete

Investors - 30 minute investor only session to gather feedback for the companies and track interest level for investment. 

For Non-Investors: We will have a Q&A session behind the Chief Theater at Cugino's regarding what it takes to start and grow a business on the Western slope, and what it takes to get funding.

4:00 Happy Hour event at Cugino's

The Lineup

hearOclub is a hearing aid battery subscription service providing members with high quality, affordable DieHard brand hearing aid batteries. hearOclub’s members can depend on a reliable delivery schedule so they never have to worry about running out of hearing aid batteries again.

Alpine Media Technology has developed the world's only all-mountain communication platform delivering real-time information to ski resort guests anywhere on or off the mountain.

Westslope Organics creates a healthy and regenerative local food system while restoring the ecological systems that support it. This is accomplished by producing the highest quality organic flash frozen and dehydrated local fruits and vegetables available.

Foothills Housing will use the mass production techniques pioneered by the automotive and other automated production industries and incorporate them into the building industry to deliver affordable and quality housing to Colorado and the American West.

Fuelsy is a new platform, similar to an eBay for sales data, to buy and sell real-time data, tips, and opportunities. This is not list buying, it’s information gathered from people during conversations with prospects.

All community members are welcome to come and find out more about the above companies as well as the strategic vision for Steamboat Launch, our ongoing series of investor pitches, and the resources we are planning to make available to some of the most exciting companies in the valley. 

Due to legal concerns, term sheets and investment opportunities will be tightly restricted to accredited investors only.