We can't do it without YOU!


On average, not-for-profit performance venues generally earn only about 50% of their revenues from sales income (tickets, concessions, etc.).  The Chief Theater is no different in this regard.  To keep our heads above water financially, we need help!  We regularly apply for local, state, and federal grants for which we qualify, but these are very "iffy" resources.  We need to establish consistent, substantial, support relationships with people, businesses, and institutions in our community to continue to make the cultural contributions we feel are so very important.  There are many different ways in which you and/or your organization can support the Chief.  Whether it is volunteering (especially on a recurring basis), providing in-kind support, or making monetary donations, please consider ways in which you can help the Chief.  And, a HUGE, heartfelt "thank you" to those of you who already support us in any way!!